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We know buying online ain't always that easy, especially when it comes to something personal for you to enjoy. We've answered all of our FAQ to our best ability!

If you have a question that is not yet featured on this page, please use our contact us page and we will respond as soon as possible.

Are all of your items actually hand painted?

We practice what we preach! Each and every item sent out from our store has been hand painted at our Brisbane based studio. We won't take credit for the ceramics themselves though. It's basically like painting on a canvas, we use ceramics as the canvas and splash them full of colour and zazz.

Should I plant directly into my hand painted planter?

No sir, you shouldn't! Well you can, but your plant may not love you for it. Not all our planters have holes at the bottom, which means water will become trapped and cause your plants to slowly rot. It's recommended you purchase a plant in a 130mm pot, cut away the top lip of the plastic pot and place it in the planter. That way you can still take your plant out to drain the water every week or two!

Can I put my Forever Cup in the dishwasher?

Absolutely you can! Each item has been baked at high temperatures in order for them to be food safe and dishwasher safe. Whilst we recommend hand washing your vases and planters, the lid and cup on your Forever Cup are both dishwasher proof.

Do you sell silicone coolers to place around my Forever Cup?

Nope, how rude of us! Just kidding, we don't need to sell them. Each of our cups is double-walled, which means the heat will never become too much when you are holding your mug. "But I drink black tea, surely that will burn me!" Nope, our director Rianna doesn't even drink coffee, all her testing has been done on... you guessed it.. black tea. So lucky for you, her hands have tested it for you and they live to tell the tale!

Can I return my used hand painted item if I decide I like another one more?

Would you want someone's leftovers you didn't know? Hopefully not! We want to be as sustainable as possible and unfortunately if you decide you don't like it anymore, we can't do too much with it once it's returned to us. Our recommendation is to gift it to someone you love, no doubt they'll love it!

Is it time consuming, hand painting each item?

Heck yeah it is, lucky we love doing it. Most ceramic pieces these days are mass produced off-shore, which means manufacturing costs are low and therefore prices are low. With the price of your ceramic piece, you get something dreamy you can stare at, a lot, but also you're getting something made with love and attention to detail. You just can't get that everywhere!

My items still haven't arrived and it's been 5 days!

Uh oh! Sit tight. We decided not to compromise our environmentally friendly integrity, which has led us to using a fantastic carbon neutral courier company (who then uses the big guns, like Couriers Please and Fastway). Whilst they are generally pretty quick, they are sometimes held up. We recommend waiting at least 7 business days before letting us know it hasn't arrived. If it's been 7 days, send us an email and we will sort you out to the best of our ability!