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About Lola

Welcome to Hello Lola, the home of one-of-a-kind, totally-freaking-wild, hand painted ceramics!
Hello Lola Forever Cups
Hello Lola was first created in 2018 by Rianna Giraud, an interior designer from Brisbane, Australia. Whilst struggling to find a unique reusable cup to gift a friend, the idea behind the Forever Cup was born! From there followed more cool ceramics... vases, planters & more. It was way too much fun and people were loving what was being created. 
Hello Lola is now at markets all throughout South East Queensland. Rianna finds it so exciting to meet her customers, plus... it can get a little quiet working for yourself!
So, who is Lola? Lola is a 5 year old Lhasa Apso x Toy Poodle that may as well be titled painting assistant. In the early days, Rianna would paint and Lola would constantly beg for attention. Agonisingly, "Hello Lola," was being repeated time and time again. It eventually stuck and Hello Lola was born!
Rianna with her dog, Lola