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Not just another Keep Cup

How good is sustainability?

Every time someone makes a conscious decision to adopt a more sustainable approach to living, the earth squeals a little in excitement! It's a movement that is well over-due, but one that we are proud to be a part of.

The plastic bag ban in Australia has gained mixed reactions by the public. Some praise it for the small step it takes in the right direction, but some despise it for it's lack of convenience and pretty small dent it makes in creating a sustainable country.

There is, however, a movement many Australians are loving... the keep cup trend!

Slowly but surely, more and more brands are popping up at local cafes and gift shops, each one slightly different to the rest. However we noticed not many boast a luxurious feel, and most look the same as the next.

This is where we jumped in to change the keep cup game. Our Forever Cups are hand painted, with no two pieces the same. Not only that, they are made from porcelain, which allows each Forever Cup owner the luxury of taking the "coffee shop feeling" with them everywhere they go. 

We like to think our cups speak for themselves, so take part in the movement towards a sustainable Australia AND make the most of our free Australian shipping and BUY YOURS NOW!